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Sunday morning

Ahhhh….Sunday. Boys are finally up – kind of. They’re conscious, anyway. I think vegging in front of the television counts for being partially conscious. The three of them went downtown for an all-ages concert last night so they got home pretty late.

My darling wonderful fabulous husband is reading the newspaper, drinking tea, and ignoring the sprogs.

I’m cooking big breakfast – bacon, eggs, taters, toast. We have a graduation party to attend this afternoon, so I think a late breakfast will hold us over nicely until dinner. Sadly, I had low-carb toast and one bite of the taters. It’s a crime against nature, but that’s how I’ve gotta roll – or my only locomotion will be rolling.

That’s what’s happening around these here parts. Ooh, wait… the FIFA Cup Final is on. The guys are riveted. I think I’ll go grocery shopping.

Happy Sunday!


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