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The Main Dude

I’ve written a considerable amount about the three sprogs – even bombarded you with pictures of them doing silly things with silly faces. (Silly is what we do when we aren’t yelling at each other.)

Somehow, I’ve neglected an introduction/synopsis of the Main Dude, my darling, wonderful, pig-headed husband. He’s the best dad ever, extremely good looking (and getting better with age), patient with me, and very handy to have around when I want giant spiders removed from the shower.


Awwww. What a cutie pie. This is before my fashion sense and I got a hold of him, by the way. Just sayin’, honey.


Here we are, before kidlets, watching a cricket match with our friends in England. ‘Watching’ might be an overstatement…you’ll notice the empty pint glass on the edge of the table on the left. Good times.


See? Best father ever. He’s always trying to think of things to do with the boys. Granted, they’re usually mind-bogglingly expensive, but that’s the kind of dad he is. (And is ‘bogglingly’ a word? I think I just vocabulated it into existence. Sheesh…and an adverb to boot. I’m going to hell.)


This was taken a few years ago when the Main Dude became a Teacher Dude by going back to school and getting his Master’s degree. His brother is on the left. He’ll probably be mad that I used this picture – his face looks different now that he’s been running again. However, our camera is dead and I don’t have any recent photos. I think it’s time to get another camera.


No matter. This is what I see when I look at him. It’ll probably be what I see when we’re sixty, and when we’re eighty, and…

You get my drift.


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