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The End

I did it.

I just completed the first draft of (tentatively titled) Spirit Hunter. It’s not quite as long as I had initially projected, ’cause most of my sources told me that my middle grade/YA hybrid needed to be shorter rather than longer. Who am I to argue?  My next step is to let the vomit copy sit for a week, then go in for some heavy-duty edits and corrections.

I have now completed two novels. I have to admit, it feels pretty good to type that out. Though the novels will never win a literary prize, I like the stories and the characters. And I feel a real sense of accomplishment at finishing something I set out to do. It’s like running a marathon, but without the carb loading, sore muscles and disgusting Gatorade.

I may celebrate with some Rocky Road. Nahh. My low-carb mint chocolate chip will have to do.


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