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Those things kids do

While looking in the ole ‘puter’s picture files, I came across a few photos that made me shake my head. See if you agree.


This one is supposed to have been for a prototype of a CD cover. Really? Really?


This one shows that the ancient art of cow tipping is alive and well, even with tiny plastic toy figures. Either that or the dude on the right is bludgeoning the cow with his shovel. Poor cow. 


Isn’t this the perfect picture for a local newspaper? What mother wouldn’t feel pride? I just hope I don’t have to use this in some future intervention.

Jeremy's camera Jan-June 2009 194

I’m sure this had some meaning for my son. Maybe he was dreaming of lentil soup. Who knows? How many people take photos of ham hocks? Are there people that obsess over pork products?


And this one…the youngest sprog calls this lil’ fella “Wilson the Tape Baby”. He has quite a few pictures of him all over town.

On the bright side, I guess they have active imaginations, right? But it might be a good idea to prepare a Prozac blow dart, just in case. One never knows.


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