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What I love about Irish dancing

I know, I know…I can just imagine you shaking your head and saying, “What’s to love?” Loud music (and it’s mainly accordion), loud shoes, and no arm movement? Who thinks of these things? And they compete? Are you on crack?

I don’t think so.


See? Isn’t he cute? Awwwwww…..The kilt only lasted a year or so, until he started to kick high enough that he worried about flashing his manly bits. I don’t blame him.


And now you can see why middle son has been dancing so long.

Murray 535

We love performances. It’s a great break from the stress of preparing to compete.

seattle-emrald city feis 105

It’s hard to get a still picture that captures the strength, speed and skill of the dancers. Heaven knows I haven’t been able to do it yet.

before nat'nls-fuegoworks 025

They manage to have fun, too.


Oh yeah, they have fun.

How can you not love it?


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