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Because it’s Tuesday…

I’m going to go wayyyy out on a limb here. Watch me go. Ready? Are you with me? Brace yourselves…

Instead of a haiku, I’m going to write a limerick.

See? See? Aren’t you proud of me? Look at Julie, putting on her big girl literary pants and writing something that isn’t seventeen syllables. Woo. I’m on freaking fire, baby.

Okay, here it is. Well, not really. I haven’t written it yet. But thanks to the miracle of modern blog posts, now I have!

I seem to write only haiku

They’re easy and pretty short, too

Don’t know if I’m crazy

Or maybe just lazy

But I think that expressing a coherent thought in seventeen syllables is truly an art.

Should I stick with haiku then? Yes, maybe that would be better for everyone.


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