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Weddings, part one

My brother-in-law gets married tomorrow. Darling husband gets to wear a tuxedo, and all the sprogs have found mostly appropriate clothing. Thank Bob for Irish dance – we have black pants, shirts, ties and vests in all sizes and colors. It’s just a matter of cleaning and ironing everything, and you know how much I LOVE ironing. (ha!)

We have a few errands to run before we go over to set up the rehearsal dinner. You know, absolute essentials…go to the bank, take oldest to buy his ginormous digital SLR, buy flowers for arrangements, clean all the flower pot centerpieces, get a freaking pedicure…

Yes, I’m getting a pedicure. The rest of me may be swathed in cloth from Portland Tent and Awning, but my toes can still look damn good.



Here’s our rehearsal dinner, almost twenty-four years ago (and don’t think that wasn’t depressing to type). The dinner was supposed to be a backyard barbecue at my father-in-law’s house, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Everyone moved inside, and it was a lovely evening. Luckily, the next day was sunny and clear.


See? Sunshine? And yes, we held our five minute marriage ceremony on the front porch. Not quite as bad as having it in a trailer park. Not quite. In my defense, I did get to walk down a lovely set of stairs – kinda cool to be all dressed up and make a big entrance.

I’m such a drama queen.

Here’s the short version – I’m not going to wish blue skies and happiness to my brother-in-law and his fiancee. They will have that in abundance, I know. My wish for them is to realize what they’ve found in each other and keep reminding themselves how terrific they are. Because that will keep them from throttling the other one when their darling, wonderful spouse does something incredibly doofish. It’ll happen. On both sides. Trust me.

You are both terrific, and I rejoice with you.


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