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Happy Birthday, Dad

Yesterday was my father’s birthday, which we celebrated with a yummy barbecue. He says he doesn’t like all the attention. I don’t know, though. I had to get it from somewhere.


I don’t remember this picture being taken, but I’m the one in the middle – the center of the action, naturally. My dad is on the left, and my mom on the right. This might be the only photo I have of the three of us.

Birthday celebrations have been a big deal for our boys – and my dad is always with us lavishing attention on the sprogs. Here’s a party for middle son’s third (I think) birthday:


Dad’s in the white shirt on the left.

This is from another birthday party, I think for the youngest. It’s just a few years old.


That’s Dad in the burgundy shirt on the right.

Now that I look at the few digital pictures I have of my father, maybe he really doesn’t like the attention. Maybe he likes being on the sidelines, cheering on his progeny to greater achievements.

Well, that’s just too dang bad. We like putting him center stage. He deserves it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Hope you get a big-screen TV that can be seen from space!


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