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A typical Sunday…

Yep, it was just another day in the life. A big ole slice of dull and boring…

Julie's pics 8-31-09 001

Dog slept on the floor and contemplated how to shed faster. We all need more dog hair on the carpet, goodness knows.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 002

Darling husband sorted socks and watched golf after he did a hundred other things around the house. He was due for a break, and was man enough to tackle the sock bucket, which sends shivers down my spine. Maybe even more than ironing. Or dishes. Ewwww.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 011

We admired middle son’s new T-shirt. He has a shirt addiction and needs an intervention, but this one is pretty good.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 018

Oh, and we had almost thirty people over to celebrate youngest boy’s birthday. It was a fun evening and everyone seemed to eat the food, so that was a relief. And everything tasted the way I had hoped it would taste. It’s tough when you adapt a recipe for five people into cooking for a crowd – you never know how it’ll turn out.

Next up?

Julie's pics 8-31-09 012

Middle son’s birthday in nine days, unless the cat retaliates against son for wearing him as a hat.


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