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I planted my own hanging baskets this year, rather than pay someone else to do it. And thanks to my darling husband giving them plant food almost every day rather than twice a week, they looked pretty good.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 004

They looked even better in July. I’m a big fan of those ‘million bell’ plants. Give them enough plant food and they’re like the Energizer Bunny.

My mother brought this plant to me from Connecticut a few years ago. It always surprises me that a plant that seems so tropical can over-winter in the north.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 009

Hibiscus plants. Who knew? They die back to the ground in the winter, but they pop right up in the spring.

And for every tender shoot that I plant, water, fertilize and prune, there are always a few hardy souls that don’t need no stinkin’ TLC. They’re tough. They’re invincible. They’re bomb-proof.

Julie's pics 8-31-09 007

Seriously, we hand weeded the patio. Darling husband even applied Round-Up. I have no idea how this little guy escaped the carnage. No idea at all.

Nature finds a way, doesn’t it?


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