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Little Bro

I have two little brothers – one about two years younger, and one eleven years younger. I get to see both of them tonight, but I digress…

My next youngest brother is getting married this weekend. In honor of that, I thought I’d put up the strangest picture of him I could find. Hang on, let me see what’s in the old archives.


That one’s pretty good. I bet I have others, though. Let’s keep looking, shall we?


At least he wasn’t wearing puka shells.(Notice the letters spelling out “Phil is a stud” on the fridge. That was put there by a friend of mine. Coincidentally, his name is Phil.) Oh Seventies, your avocado appliances never get old!


I have no idea why this picture even exists. Poor little bro. Poor Meier and Frank. Wait…I spot a sprog in the lower left hand corner – my oldest. The little monkey. He probably put his uncle up to it.


But see how cute he is? Just Santa’s little angel. We won’t talk about the smoldering pyromania luking in the heart of this cherub, will we? No, we most certainly will not. It’s under control now anyway. Mostly. Kind of. In a way.

Fireworks (Unlce bobby's) 140

Umm. Yeah.

Congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple. I’m giving them a big fire extinguisher.


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