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Friday foibles

* Don’t you love the word ‘foibles’? Say it out loud. ‘Foibles’. It’s almost as much fun as ‘smock’.

* I’m wardrobe confused. In the morning, it’s fall. In the afternoon, it’s summer. Please, weather! Pick one or the other. I never know if I need to shave my legs or not and I can’t take the pressure.

* Can someone live off of Milky Way Dark’s and get all their nutritional needs met? Hypothetically, of course.

* I’m feeling the need for some retail therapy. Someone ought to take away my ‘puter, phone and car before I do some real damage. Wait, I still need to buy wedding gifts? Kitchen store’s having a sale? Oh my Bob. Hide the keys…hide the keys…

* You know that feeling of having loads of money in the bank when you’ve deposited all your checks and none of your bills have cleared? Know that feeling? I love that.

* Kung Fu Panda gets better every time I listen to it. Yes, it’s a movie but the sprogs watch it in the car while I’m driving and I can’t see the screen. Best line ever: “There is no secret ingredient.”

* Why did the elves never wash the dishes in fairy tales? They made shoes, sure, but I could use them in the kitchen. At the very least, they could vacuum.

I hope the remainder of your Friday is a good one!


One Response

  1. You actually can live off a diet of midnight milkyway candy bars, you just have to be ok with growing fins. Other than that the side effects are barely noticable.

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