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Wish we were there


Every year about this time I start to feel pitiful, and stare wistfully out the window. I miss my writing group buddies. We used to make an October writing conference our annual meeting place. Not all of us could go every year, but we made it when we could.


Then a couple of us went to New York in 2008 to visit another member. It was fabulous, and we had fun, and we schmoozed with agents and writers…


This was the last picture we took in the city. After that, it rained at least twelve feet. Seriously. I’m a Northwest girl and I’ve never, ever seen rain like that. They don’t do anything halfway in NYC.


And we toured Long Island, too. It was so much fun, I invited myself back in 2009, and my friend Jen won the Light of the Island award.

Jeremy's camera Jan-June 2009 238

That’s because she IS the Light of the Island.

Short version? I miss my peeps. *sigh* Who else understands the mystical combination of wine and sushi when eaten at an indoor picnic? Who else thinks smuggling Baileys into a banquet (it’s to go with the coffee, of course) isn’t cause to hand me the phone number for an AA chapter? Who else thinks pizza and beer on Long Island Rail is a gourmet treat? Who else laughs so hard that a keynote speaker in a room of 500 stares at our table to shush us?

I miss you guys. I wish we could have met this fall, but I’m saving for next year’s extravaganza. Can hardly wait to share wine and Diet Coke in person!



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