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As usual, we did sophomore homework over the weekend. This time it was for acting class. His assignment was to watch two musicals. Oh, dear. The agony.

First up? One of my favorite happy-time musicals. It’s usually on one of the HBO channels at any given moment.


Good Morning Baltimore!! Hey Mama, Welcome to the Sixties!! You’re Timeless to Me!!  Oh my gosh, I love this film! John Travolta is fabulous, as is the rest of the cast. I even liked Zac Efron, a first for me. And my other BFF, Queen Latifah, is in it, too. Love her all to pieces.

Next, we looked at a different side of musicals. Maybe even the seamy side…

chicago poster

No one in the family wanted to watch this one, so youngest sprog and I hunkered down in the living room by ourselves. And then the music started.

Darling husband walked in and stayed.

Middle sprog walked in and stayed.

We were mesmerized. Rarely do I say this, but this movie deserved the Oscar. It was flawless. The dancing, the singing, the choreography, the sets and costumes…everything. It’s not a happy or upbeat story, but it is absolutely memorable. And I’ve been singing Cell Block Tango for the last two days.

I like this kind of homework.


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