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Not Homework

Apparently, my family are all master procrastinators. We will do ANYTHING but the task we’ve been assigned. We may know that something must be done, but we never actually do it unless there’s money involved or we’re threatened with bodily harm.

Here’s an example of getting distracted-whacted (and by the way, this was the last time I saw a clear square foot of the carpet in youngest sprog’s room).


Yeah. Glad he bought a really expensive camera. So he could become the next Ansel Adams.


Apparently, we also search the interwebs for the silliest items we can find. But wait, there’s more!

spider 060

We take pictures of the kitteh through the screen door.


We make double and triple exposures. It’s Exposure-palooza!

Rocky Road

We steal more pictures off the interwebs. I mean, who does things like this? Posting pictures of their favorite ice cream flavor.



2 Responses

  1. *photo nerd voice* that piano picture is actually a long exposure with movement, not multiple exposures */photo nerd voice*

  2. I’m glad you closed your code with a ‘/’. Maybe HTML nerd is more like it. Lovins!!!!

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