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Happy Place

Still fighting with Gilgamesh and the English project. It’s now Sunday afternoon, and the poster board looks like a polar bear in a snowstorm. It’s as pristine as it was on Friday.


Here are things I can look at besides the empty wasteland that is my son’s English grade.


My grapes produced a few bunches this year. I don’t really eat them, but the boys say they are tasty. I think they’re classic Concord-style grapes. In another week they’ll be classic Concord-style raisins.


The zebra grass is tall with wispy seed heads. It makes me happy to watch it waving around in the breeze.


My aspens always make me smile. They haven’t started turning gold yet; that will be in the next week or two.


Who knew that blueberry bushes turned such a brilliant scarlet color in the fall? They are lovely AND tasty addition to a garden – a two-fer!

A mother’s prayer:

Oh gods and goddesses, pixies and sprites of homework – please let my son finish his %$#@ English project. I promise not to swear at other drivers, to always put spiders outside, never to use chemicals on my lawn…whatever you need. Please give me the patience and no-sleep tolerance I need to stay up with him until all hours to make sure it’s done. Please let me remember to feed him in a timely manner so he doesn’t turn into a snarling, snapping wolverine from hell. And please, most of all…

Give his teacher a sense of humor.



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