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First –


Yay Ducks! Way to go!!

A little closer to home, I can see the carpet in youngest sprog’s bedroom. It’s still beige, much to my shock. I can also see under his desk, and even some of the desktop itself. He’s cleaning his pit of a room in an attempt to soothe the feathers he ruffled yesterday when he ‘forgot’ to come home. I had the 9 and the first 1 dialed when he contacted us. You can imagine the rest. And now he’s sucking up – as he should be.

My weekend project was to decontaminate his room. Yesterday we cleaned out his clothes. After I took out all the things that are too small, he had two pairs of pants. Two. We immediately ran to a local store to stock up on the pantalones. Poor baby.

Middle son is trying to convince us he’s sick. I think he just wanted an excuse to stay in his room and see what Hulu had for him to watch. Awwww. Poor baby.

Have a good rest of your Sunday. Stay pretty.


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