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Haiku Me

It’s been thousands of eons since I’ve posted any haiku, which has sent many of you to therapy, I’m sure. I know – I miss them too! Here’s a couple of spontaneous Wednesday haiku for your reading pleasure:

Youngest’s book report

Due Monday as a web page

Fonts are not graded

And another one, totally professional and indicative of how serious I am about my job:

Petty cash balance

Why are you never correct?

Monkeys count better.

See how much you’ve pined for the haiku? But you don’t have to – you can write your own! Simply follow the 5-7-5 syllable format and, poof, Bob’s your uncle…you’ve got a haiku!

Post one for me in the comments. It’ll make our Wednesday so much better. Tag – you’re it!


7 Responses

  1. Oireachtas again!
    Please preserve my sanity.
    I will need vodka!

    • Heather –

      Awesome haiku! I feel your pain. Part of me misses it and part of me is SO enjoying not being at the studio!!

      Hugs – Julie

  2. Procrastinating.
    Thermo homework due by 8
    Thanks for distraction!

    • Alexandra –

      Fabulous work. Glad to help you procrastinate. 🙂 I heart haiku.

      Hugs to you – don’t work too hard! Julie

  3. Its been along time since I have haikued. In fact I think it was Mrs. Barmore’s 8th grade class @ Bolton middle school. Anyway here goes……

    Photo radar sucks.
    Does it make the roads safer?
    Less cops more money.

    • Awesome haiku-ing
      Brother in Arizona
      Smooches for all there!

      • Thanks Jules! Your blog rocks the Haiku is actually fun! I think you have inspired me to do it more often. It’s kinda like doing 50 lb curls with your literary brain or something:-) Anyway say hey to the Darling husband and all the sprogs

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