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To be fair

I’ve put up a bunch of silly pictures of the sprogs, for which they have rolled their eyes and harrumphed at me for the last few months. In the interest of fairness, I will now post some doofy pictures of myself.


I don’t know if I sucked on a lemon, if I’m calling the dog, or if I just looked like that all the time. The seventies were a magical time.


Apparently they were a sleepy time, too.


The day I got my driver’s license. I wish you could see the little Mindy (from Mork and Mindy) hairstyle I’m a sportin’. It was totally awesome. And could my cowl neck be any cowlier? I look like I’m wearing a neck brace. Oy.


This one isn’t that old, just doofy. Look at the size of my sunglasses. You could use the lenses in a space telescope. And that cut-out I’m hiding behind? Uhh, that’s what size I am in real life. The chicken reminds me of eighties shoulder pads.


And the doofiest picture of all? Ta-daaaahhh! We have a winner. I have no idea what prompted me to pose in such a dorky way. I played the flute in middle school – maybe it has something to do with that. But I’m impressed with my matching tights and dress. Coooooool.

What chance did my children have of being normal? Zero to none.


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