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Questions for the Queen

My five regular readers (a big shout-out to my family!) occasionally ask me questions, things they don’t know or items that come up in response to a post or a photo. Today I’ll try to answer some of those questions.

Q: So you seem to talk a lot about writing. How come I haven’t seen your name in any bookstores? Huh?

A: That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Yes, I’ve been writing sporadically my whole life, but started doing it seriously a few years ago. I have two completed novels and a couple of half-started ones. I queried agents on my first novel, but it’s not a genre that sells well. I had interest in representing it (and me), but not a lot. Writers have numerous hurdles to jump – writing a book they like, then convincing an agent to represent them, then helping their agent convince a publishing house to buy it.

So I’m trying, already. Sheesh. I’ll let you know if anyone tells me I don’t suck.


   NaNo word count, day 14:



Q: You write about your kids and pets all the time. Don’t you do anything interesting?

A: Nope. Nothing. I work a 36 hour week between my two jobs, shop, cook and clean, provide taxi service on demand, write 1700 words a day, wash clothes, pay bills, and occasionally sleep. I do nothing. Sorry.

Evan's Lake & Beach 688

Q: Your photos look like they were taken with a Fisher-Price toddler camera. Is that what you use?

A: Guilty as charged. (Not really. It’s a Sony digital camera. My boys have all the expensive cool toys. I get leftovers.)

September 27 2009 034

Q: Speaking of the boys, you call your three boys ‘sprogs’. Where did you get that term? It sounds kind of icky.

A: It’s term of endearment our friends in England use to refer to their children. Because I’m so easily influenced and pretentious, I grasp anything British close to my jumper. Now, I’m going to have a chocolate biscuit, a packet of crisps, and then find a lorry to take me to a car park. Bollocks.

Walkers crisps

Q: How come you don’t name your kids or husband? It’s not like we don’t know them, being related to you and all.

A: The Interweb is a big, mysterious, scary place. Anyone could stumble on my blog and start reading it. *pause to wipe away tears of laughter* I’d like to think I’m protecting my children by keeping them anonymous. And the darling husband? Well, I just don’t want to embarrass him. Too late, you say? That ship has sailed, you say? Yes, but leave me some delusions, would you?

Jeremy's camera Jan-June 2009 036

Stay pretty, y’all.


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