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NaNo Update

It doesn’t look like I’m going to ‘win’  NaNoWriMo this year. Okay, I’ve got four days left, but I’m not sure I can write 12,000 words in four days.

 I had great momentum until last weekend, then I kinda lost it. I’ve only managed to write somewhere around 7,000 words in six days. Any other time of the year and I’d be dancing all over the place at that word count, but I had to stick to the 1,700 words a day to be able to ‘win’ NaNo.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll pull it off. But the genius who thought it would be a great idea to plop a hard-core writing exercise in November should be staked to the nearest ant hill. Hello? November? Really? It’s my birthday month (which should obviously influence the NaNo organizers), and Thanksgiving, and all the holiday stuff is ramping up, plus we get kids home from college to love and over-feed. Sheesh. I’m not Super-Woman.

More updates as events warrant. Like I pull myself away from online Black Friday shopping to go back to writing the %$#& story. Did you know some merchants are honoring the early bird prices AND giving free shipping? It’s really…oh, crap. My ADD rears its ugly head again.



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