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Favorite Things

No, not like Oprah. I’m not giving anything away. Sorry. I don’t have any taste anyway.

In light of my maudlin posts and behavior over the last couple of days, it became apparent that I needed to eliminate the cranial-rectal inversion, put on my big-girl panties, and deal.

So I asked myself, “Self? What makes you smile? What will stop the whinging?”

They make me smile. And they look good all stripey, though youngest seems up to no goodniks.

Probably human-kind’s greatest concoction. Ever.  Caramel, chocolate and deliciousness…great googly moogly.

This is a close second. Bogle Old Vine Zin. Tastiest way to get squiffy in the history of squiffy.

My new Gurgle Pot, a birthday gift from my friend Carol. The shape and color make me happy.

My Nook, which should be here any day now. Any day. Maybe January. Or February. Barnes and Noble apparently under-projected this one. Way to go, marketing geniuses. But I will be thrilled when I get it, I just know it.

My flameless, battery-powered, deliciously scented faux candles. I don’t know why they make me so happy, but they do. Maybe now I can have candlelight without having one or more of the men dipping his fingers in the melting wax. Seriously, every single time. It’s like they’ve never seen a candle.

And him. The most favoritest and bestest. If there is give and take in the universe, if there is a balance to all things, then it’s because of my darling husband that I have giant thighs and thinning hair. But it’s okay. He’s worth it.

I feel better now. Cranium rescued. Spanx are on. And I’m ready to face another day.


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