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Shecky and Shecky II

The older boys are home now, thank goodness. Finals are over and they have the next three weeks off. And holiday break at our house means it’s all comedy, all the time. When they’re gone, I miss them. When they’re here, they drive me nuts in about an hour. In a good way, of course.

The oldest two banter back and forth until I almost wish they were back at school. Almost.

Every word out of their mouths is a joke and every joke is some reference to pop culture. Something the hip and happening young-uns will no doubt have to translate for me since my sense of humor was formed before the pyramids.

Right now they’re making silly sounds and recording them as ring tones for their iPhones. A few minutes ago the middle one had flopped on top of the oldest to try to squish him.

I’m going to need more wine.


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