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This year isn’t going to be just the regular holidays for our household. Nope, not us. We get the super-sized, Miracle-Gro, untreated thyroid condition version of the holidays also known as…

Darling Husband’s 50th birthday party.

Venue’s been secured. Invitations have been mailed, though a couple families need to be contacted this week. Booze ordered and picked up from distributor. First round of shopping at wholesale warehouse and Costco done. Soda and water purchased. Now I need to start scheduling the defrosting of ginormous pieces of beef and multiple chicken parts so they’re ready to cook by this weekend.

I haven’t done much about Christmas. The guys put the final touches on our exterior illumination yesterday and it’s great. Really nice and put together. But I haven’t done cards or a newsletter, or even started shopping. I’m guessing I won’t get to start until next week.

This party is totally for darling husband – people he knows and loves, people who’ve been involved in his life, friends and family from near and far. He wanted casual, so it’s a casual party. He wanted good food, so I’m doing the cooking (I’m not bragging, it’s just cheaper and easier to keep an eye on quality if I do it). He wanted dancing, so the sprogs are compiling the best dance songs from the last fifty years.

The holidays are going to have a hell of a start for us next week. Oh, yeah. Bring ’em on.


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