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O Crimble Tree

We did most of our Christmas decorating the weekend before last, but finalized the outside lights just a few days ago. I say we, but I mean darling husband, of course. It is the royal ‘we’.

Here’s our mantle:

It’s very pretty with the little twinkly lights on. And my battery operated candles. And my Ikea silvery candlesticks.

Ooh, have I mentioned how much I love Ikea? I get a little emotional when I think of it… this is a deep, abiding love built on inexpensive kitchen gadgets, glasses, and meatballs with lingonberries. We were just there tonight to buy wineglasses for the par-tay. Except I also bought a few more glass bowls, and some decorations, and some glass vases, and… it’s a good thing the boys came with me to rein me in. I did buy one thing they approved, though. The Make At Home Meatball Dinner. Oh. My. Bob.


Dang it. I got distracted-whacted by thoughts of Ikea. Happens all the time. Here’s the Christmas tree I wanted to show you, though the lights make it purtier:

I like Christmas. I like having a tree in the house, ’cause don’t we all need more spiders? The angel on the top has become a seasonal home for the local arachnid population. Like Boca or Tucson. But smaller and more spidery.

As I digest my meatballs and lingonberries, I leave you with two thoughts:

One – The Swedish people are geniuses.

Two – I love Christmas time almost as much as I love Ikea.


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