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The Saga of Casey-Dog

Casey is a Springer

She’s bouncy, black and white.

We got her from the rescue folks

Without much of a fight.

Last Wednesday she became quite ill

She started throwing up.

She wouldn’t eat, she’d only stand

This girl was one sick pup.

On Christmas Eve we needed help

She wasn’t getting better

To the vet’s we went with her

But they sent us somewhere vett-er.

The doggy hospital welcomed her

They said they’d help her out

They checked her in and shaved her skin

And sent us home to pout.

She got x-rays and ultrasounds

Her blood was checked for cooties

We thought she needed surgery

Which kicked us in our booties.

IV’s went into her veins

With antibiotics and fluids

Christmas Eve and Christmas night

Our wallet was getting screw-ed.

Finally she rallied

And we could bring her home.

Pancreatitis was the culprit –

We approach the end of the poem.

Casey’s home and eating.

She seems better, though slow. 

We’re happy our family’s reunited

She’ll be bouncy soon, we know.

So watch your puppies carefully

And watch your leftovers too.

‘Cause a dog in doggy hopsital

Can make your Christmas poo.


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