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Dear Food Diary:

I’ve been pretty good today and have kept my carbs to a minimum. Breakfast was fine. Lunch was fine. Unfortunately, middle sprog took us out for a sushi dinner, then Baskin Robbins. You’ll be proud of me – I get major, major, MAJOR points. I did not succumb to the Rocky Road.

Alert the media.

It’s a good start. However, no one’s made toast in my presence so the real test is yet to come. Oh, toast…why do you have to be so golden brown, toasty and delicious? You’re good with peanut butter,  jam, or honey, with soup or with stew. Your diversity astounds, while your toasty goodness fills my nostrils with delight.

*deep breath*

Tomorrow is another day. I shall ignore the toast. I shall eat eggs, salad, nuts and veggies. Only lean meats shall pass these lips.

As God is my witness, I shall never eat toast again!


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