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New Fave

Maybe not so new. I discovered this over the summer, and just can’t bear to let it go. Zero carbs, 10 calories. Fizzy. Tart-sweet. Delicious and refreshing. Must be ice-cold.

Diet Sunkist Sparkling Lemonade. My kids love it and don’t even bitch about it being a diet soda. I love it. I don’t buy soda very regularly, but I’m re-thinking my buying strategy.

The downside? It contains a small amount of caffeine. I actually wrote to Sunkist to ask them to remove it – guess how well that went? Go on, guess.

Yeah. Exactly.

So even though Sunkist is reluctant to listen to me, an expert on the taste of diet sodas, I’ll still drink it. I haven’t noticed any heart palpitations up to this point, so I think you’re safe.

Try one, if you get a chance, and see what you think.


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