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Home Brew

When we lived on a fairly remote island about fifteen years ago, I got a beer brewing kit for the darling husband one Christmas. We brewed fairly regularly, and had both successes and failures. We made a delicious red bitter a few times, and decided that we’d try it again, now that we have a little time on our hands.

Bwhahahahahahaha! *wiping tears of laughter away* Hoo, boy. That was a good laugh!

This isn’t my picture, but it’s pretty similar to our set-up.

Today, we went to the mecca of homebrewing, Steinbarts, to pick up supplies to make Wise Ass Red Bitter. The first time we brewed it, the boys were seven, four and five months old, so we re-named it Smarty Pants Red Bitter. More G rated, don’t you think?

I’ll update you with pictures as soon as we cook up the wort and get it into the carboy. Look at me…using all the homebrew lingo. I’m hip and cool.

So hip it hurts.


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