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Smarty Pants Red Bitter, 2010

We bottled the beer this afternoon.

We got a case and a half of large bottles (22 ounces), plus two six packs of regular bottles. Our large bottle supply seems mysteriously dwindled…*cough* (Yes, oldest boy, I’m looking at you.) Apparently we need to get six more large bottles to complete the second case. Again.

Now we wait two more weeks to see if it’s any good. The last time we made this, it took three weeks in the bottle to get to “wow”. Let’s hope we get there again.


2 Responses

  1. I never got 2 cases, it was missing bottles when I was using it, I know that one broke and one was so moldy and gross it was unusable, no matter how much I cleaned it. I don’t know where the other ones disdappeared to. I probably gave them away to friends and forgot to get them back, oh well…sorry. ❤

  2. It’s no worries. We probably took a few to friends and forgot, too. Sorry to throw you under the bus. If the brewing store near us was ever open, we could get replacement bottles. It’s been so long since we brewed, we forgot how many bottle you need for a full carboy of beer. 🙂 Lovins’.

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