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False Spring

We’ve had beautiful weather lately, even though my body isn’t quite used to 60 degree days and 30 degree nights. The sun is shining, everything is blooming, and now my neglected garden is calling to me.

I even got the car washed yesterday, which means it’ll be raining by the end of the weekend. Sorry, Northwest. I didn’t mean to kill the sunshine, but I could have planted nasturtiums in the dirt on the ‘ole mini-van.

Last night, faced with a plethora of inexpensive asparagus, I opted to marinate it and grill it on the barbecue. We use our barbecue all year, so this wasn’t some kind of Rite of Spring, or anything. I just needed something I was able to eat to be as delicious as the 90% of all foods I can’t eat. Like Rocky Road ice cream or toast. Or Rocky Road ON toast. Ooohhhh….never mind.

Excuse me. Lost my mind for a second. Short version? The asparagus was terrific. Here’s the sad left-overs an hour after dinner –

It was much prettier fresh off the grill. And the smell…oh my Bob. It was heavenly. Nothing smells better than delicious food grilling on a barbecue.


These little guys. My daphne bush, just next to the back porch. As soon as the smell wafts over you, it’s amazing. Flowery, citrus-y and so lovely. I could bathe in the fragrance.

And my daphne is going crazy – there are blossom clusters all over the place.

I must have looked like a loon, sniffing the barbecue, then the flowers. Barbecue. Flowers. It was more than a body could stand. It was more than I could stand.

So I came inside, watched the Olympics and had a Jello Dark Chocolate Sugar-Free pudding cup. Sensory overload is not for the carbohyrate-challenged.


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