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The Pit

My darling husband and I graduated from the same university, the University of Oregon.

Go Ducks.

Back in the olden days, when pterodactyls still flew the earth, we used to go to basketball games at McArthur Court. Mac Court. The Pit. The steep balconies made the players feel like they were in the bottom of a deep pit – hence the nickname.

My father-in-law gifted darling husband with tickets to a game at Mac Court last week. You see, Mac Court is due to be demolished soon*, to be replaced with a brand-new, state-of-the-art basketball facility, funded by the lovely folks at rhymes-with-Schnike. We love Schnike.

I think the Ducks got clobbered in the game, but that’s not why darling husband was there.

No, basketball wasn’t the main reason. It was a heartwarming glimpse at the past, a look at the rich history of a fabled building on campus.

And he got to see basketball loonies again. People that doff their shirts and paint things on their skin to show support for their team. If I did that, everyone would run screaming from the building.

The view from one of the balconies down toward the loonies. Ahhhh, good times. Well, kinda good times. This picture makes me a little dizzy. One thing you never wanted to do was focus too much on the ground if you were in one of the upper decks. Makes my knees tingly just thinking about it.

See? I wasn’t joking. It’s scary steep. (Say ‘hi to darling father-in-law…everyone, FIL. FIL, the blog.)

Darling husband got to say goodbye to The Pit in his own fashion, which is something many of us will never get to do. My memories of Mac Court are more nightmarish and revolve around arena scheduling (young people, ask your parents what this means). Running from table to table trying to get classes to mesh together, crying when the only section available was an 8:00 am class, begging to be let in to a required class when it had closed only seconds before. 

Good times or not, it was a part of my college experience. And I am sorry it’s being demolished*, though if it’s at 7:00 am, it may be some kind of karmic payback.

Bye, Mac Court. You done good.

* I may have spoken too soon. While Mac Court is being retired, I can’t find anything definitive about demolishing/rebuilding. I’ll keep looking.


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