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The Battle

Way, way back in January, I made the grand pronouncement that with Bob as my witness, I was never going to eat toast again. *sigh* The ban wasn’t just toast though, it was also for almost every carbohydrate, no matter how small the portion.

And how goes it, you ask? Is it worth the loss of your beloved toast, you query? Are you surviving without taters or tortillas, you politely inquire?

Yes. Yes, I am.

I made the mistake of not weighing myself before I started, but I’m guesstimating my loss (so far) at about 20 pounds. I have a metric ton to go – don’t think I’m going to go out and celebrate with a baguette. *mmmm…baguette…*

Before I get all misty about bread products, take a look at this:

This scale is NOT a uni-tasker and takes care of that age-old dilemma…should I pee first before I weigh myself?

I also found this picture, whilst searching the Goog for images:

I’m over on the far right. The far, far right.

Toast, my beloved, we’ll see each other again. But I’ll be on Social Security by then.


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