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I…I’m a little…


Oh, it’s just too terrible…

My beloved tree mug has gone to meet its maker. It has shuffled off its mortal coil. It has ceased to exist. It is an ex-mug.


It’s not pining for the fjords. It’s not living on a farm chasing squirrels. It’s in pieces in the bin.

I’m so sad. *sniff*


3 Responses

  1. Awwww mannnnnn. How did that happen?

  2. What was it’s downfall?????
    Remember – Old mugs never die, they just can’t hold their water (or tea or coffee)…

  3. The tree mug is a casualty of the sink – something happened when it was being scrubbed and *plink*…pieces of porcelain were everywhere. My dishwasher was very sad and said he’d get me a new mug to replace it, but some things can never be replaced. I’ll try though. I don’t want him to feel too guilty.

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