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Now It’s Spring

It’s been a chilly couple of weeks here in the great Northwest. Brrrr…. I’ve been wearing jeans, sweaters, even a turtleneck sprinkled in here and there. Anything to help keep me warm as I’m sitting on the GA (that’s Ginormous Ass) and slaving over the computer.

But next week I get to go somewhere that’s NOT chilly. I’ll be breaking out the capris and sandals. My first thought – “Hold the phone…sandals? Yee Gods, woman, have you seen your feet? They’re like some kind of Crypt-Keeper claws.”

My second thought – “Hey, your wonderful brother gave you a mani-pedi gift certificate! Hauleth thy GA to the nearest pedicure emporium!” (I really do speak like that…ask the sprogs.)

And lo, I did.

At least the toes look marginally better, though I think I should have swept the floor before taking the picture.

Yep. Shoulda swept. Even my feet are embarrassed.

At least my toes are ready for warmer climes. I’m avoiding thinking about the GA and wedging it into a bathing suit. Yep, avoiding it like cinnamon rolls and pizza crust. Maybe if I ignore the Ginormousness of the A, others will too. You think? Huh? Sound like a plan?

My delusions and I are ready for spring.


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