Please Pass the Toast

How can anything this golden brown and delicious be bad for you? Huh? How could it? What kind of sick mind would create such a…a…PERFECT thing and then tell you, “No, you can’t eat this. You can only smell it.”?

Instead, I can wallow on this:

I look just like that, too.

And look! It’s time for my celery break. Woo. Hoo. Imagine my joy…

And when I throw myself off the front deck in a toast-free delirium, I can soothe my wounds with these:

I actually own a box of the toast band-aids, along with other smaller toast-themed items, but it’s just not the same. Nope. Nothing matches the golden-buttery-fabulousity.

In closing, I believe any store that has a toast section is hallowed and visionary. Thank you Archie McPhee (and Accoutrements, their manufacturing company). You are the toast for my BLT. Except I can’t have toast. I CAN have bacon, though. Mmmmmm, bacon.

Did you know Archie McPhee’s has a bacon-themed department?


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  1. I assume you’ve already investigated this:

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