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A Word From Your Sponsor

I found out the day before yesterday that an online acquaintance of mine had died. This woman had some health problems – nothing life threatening, or so we thought. She died in her sleep at home – she just didn’t wake up.

Jeanie was a year younger than I am.

Though I never met her in person, I chatted and exchanged many posts with her. This was one funny, witty, well-spoken woman. If someone can make you laugh out loud just reading a message board, well, they’re freaking awesome. All of us at Lallybroch will miss her keenly.

So please –  tell your friends how much you enjoy them. Tell your family you love them. Make that appointment to go see your doctor. Stop putting off the mammogram or colonoscopy. Do the exercise, even though you hate it. Change your diet. Sign up for the class you’ve always wanted to take.

It’s been said before, but bears repeating:


Godspeed, Jeanie Rooney. You left us too soon.


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