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Lake House

Even though I’d driven by it fifty or a hundred times, I never knew this lake existed until a few years ago. 

In the  mornings, we watched the clouds roll over the hill from the beach, misty and cool with the ocean breezes. They were socked in, but we had warm sunshine.

See? It was just perfect. After temperatures in the high 90’s at home, 75 degrees felt incredibly lovely.

One afternoon, the boys threw in a fishing line and fifteen seconds later caught Ed the Big-mouth Bass. We think it was his turn to get caught, or that he drew the short straw in Fishland. You’ll be happy to know we extracted the hook with a minimum of trauma to boys and fish, and Ed swam away.

Everyone enjoyed the sun.

And the sunsets.

If this were my vacation home, someone would have to bodily remove me to get me to leave. And that’s not easy unless you’ve won a “Strongest Man” competition. 

A lovely house, a lovely lake, and a lovely time. Can I go back now? How ’bout now?


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