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My Week in a Nutshell…Kinda

Such a wacky week. Really. My head is spinning like a really spinny thing.

* Tuesday was our 25th wedding anniversary. Darling husband brought home a little surprise. No, not a pony.

It was a rather beautiful arrangement of roses. Imagine my surprise. No really, I was surprised. Honest. It was a lovely and unexpected gift. I, of course, did jack spit for him. Wife of the Decade, that’s me.

(And it was such a wacky week, apparently I felt the need to take a picture of the microwave at 11:24 pm. It must have meant something to me at the time. Just sharing a moment in the life of the queen.)

* Tuesday was darling husband’s first day of school, too.

* Thursday was middle sprog’s birthday, though he’s far, far away right now.

* Friday was my *mumble-mumble* high school reunion. Okay, it was my 30th reunion. There, are you happy? Now you know just how aged and infirm I am.

* Saturday was my dear mumsy’s birthday – dinner at her house.

* Sunday we celebrated my dear father’s belated birthday, finally.

That’s the Reader’s Digest version of my week. Tomorrow I get to go to work and rest. I’m sure my bosses won’t mind. I’m sure if I explain how the weekend sapped my energy, they’ll offer to give me a day off with pay. I’m sure they’ll send me straight home with gift certificates for a massage, a pedicure, and an extra large order of toast – heavy on the butter.

A girl can dream.


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