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The Hiccup Trail

On Tuesday, my lovely mother acted as tour guide in the wine country for me and my visiting friend. Though I’ve lived here most of my life, I’d only gone to one tasting – and that was darling husband’s holiday party. Goodness knows I enjoy wine, goodness knows. Did I mention I enjoy wine?

Our first stop was Anne Amie Vineyards.

This was the view from outside the tasting room. I know, the palm tree throws you off. Just roll with it, brokay?

I tasted four wines. My mom and Ginger tasted six. At this point, I realized I should have eaten something before we started. Just sayin’.


Next stop – Vista Hills. It’s a lovely place. Nice wines, too. And the guy pouring was cuter than a really cute thing. He was about fourteen, but so cute. His name was Perry. I, of course, made a Perry the Platypus joke, which was totally lost on him. *sigh* Uhhh, Disney Channel? Phineas and Ferb? No? *sigh*

Again, no food equals squiffy Julie, hence the silly photo above. My lovely mother packed a few rice crackers as palate cleansers, which I snarfed up in an effort to stem the squiffiness. Yeah. Like that’s going to work.

Domaine Drouhin was almost right across the street, so we popped in there.

It was the most expensive tasting for the least amount of wine. And truthfully, I couldn’t say it was worth the price because I skipped this one (see above reference to squiffy Julie). This is just between us, but I’m not really a pinot girl. There. I said it. Now I’ll probably have to move or something.

Because of our strange weather this spring and fall, most of the vineyards hadn’t harvested their grapes yet. They were waiting for every last molecule of sunshine to ripen the fruit. Ginger and I went four-wheeling to inspect the vines. They were viney. And grapey. And we still hadn’t eaten. *hic*

Our final stop was Archery Summit, one of my lovely mother’s favorites. Or at least one that was open on a Tuesday.

They had some water crackers, thank goodness. And they also had some grapes off the vine to taste, which were delicious. Their wines are very good, or so they told us. Who the hell knows? I was too busy taking silly pictures and laughing.

This was the view from our table. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful or a more fun afternoon, though I could have used a few more bites of food and a squinch less wine. *hic* When my lovely mother talked the pourers into giving us an extra taste of the last wine, I almost protested. Almost.

Oregon wine country…absolutely beautiful. But pack some snacks.


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