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Why Books Are Good For You

If you’ve read this blog before (hi family!), you’ll know a couple of things about me: I read a lot, I write a fair amount, and I plug books of authors I know and are worthy of the plug. (Like TRANCE by Linda Gerber. Hint hint.)

See, books are your friends. Books are my friends. You need to read. Read hard covers, paperbacks, e-books…just read something, for goodness sakes. Not only will you be transported to another time, place or point of view, sometimes you actually get actual friends because of books. Actually.

In the early 90’s, I was trapped lived on an island in Puget Sound. No real TV service, one tiny town a half-hour away. One movie theater open only two days a week. A full-time job, a stay-at-home husband, two children under the age of five, and pregnant with a third. Before I went stark raving mad, a friend handed me three hard cover books, each about three inches thick. She said, “Read these. You will love them. Adventure, romance, sex, time travel, history, love, death… they are epic.”

I said, “Uhh right.” Can you hear my skepticism?

So I started the first one, and then looked up six days later to the wreckage of my house. I must have eaten and slept a little bit… I don’t remember. My darling husband made sure the children were still alive, though covered in peanut butter (I exaggerate for comedic porpoises). What did I do then? I promptly re-read the books. And a few years later, I read them again when a fourth book was released. The books were the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

From the book “The Outlandish Companion”, I discovered a website devoted to fans of Diana and her stories. I started hanging out there in (I think) 2001, and ended up going to a few gatherings and local meetings. I chatted online with a number of like-minded women, posted on the message boards, and even started writing because of the Ladies Of Lallybroch Literary Forum. (And from that Lit Forum, I met and became friends with my lovely critique group – they are a huge part of my life now.)

Yesterday, I was fortunate to have an impromptu lunch with a couple of local(ish) Ladies of Lallybroch.

Ginny lives close to me, and Debbie’s from Seattle. Both are wonderful women, delightful company in every way. I had a terrific time with them for a few hours on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

And all because of books.



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