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So Healthy It Hurts

I know I’m not supposed to drink soda. And I don’t drink regular sugared soda, but now researchers think that even diet soda might mess up your metabolism. Great. Just what I need to hear. I know the chemicals in regular or diet soda aren’t very healthy, but come on… give the Queen a break.

Healthy, schmealthy.

Sometimes, you just gotta have some bubbles. There are times I crave the burn of carbonated beverage. I can do without the sweetness, but the burn…

This is a lovely summer beverage. Light, lemony, and bubbly. Ahhhh… A favorite around the castle, for the horizontally-gifted (like me) and the not-so-much (like the darling husband and the sprogs).

And I’ve discovered a new one, too. Hold on to your bendy straws…

It’s Diet Pomegranate 7-Up. With Antioxidants. It’s yummy and not overly sweet, which I like. And it’s so good for you, you can drink the whole 2 liter bottle. Really. ‘Cause it has Antioxidants, you know. Just pop the top and insert a straw.

I’m all about healthy options.


2 Responses

  1. Good grief, I don’t even know where to start with my comment. You really want me to? Really? Be sure, because you might not want to hear what I have to say.

    End of the day, I love the heck out of ya regardless of what crap you drink. LOL


  2. The crap and I thank you.


    (It was a slow week around here…sorry.)

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