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Happy Birthday to my Leetle Seester

She’s much, much younger than I am.

There she is at my little brother’s birthday party. She’s the second from the left. (I’ve discovered that I have shockingly few pics of her digitized. I will try to remedy that as soon as possible.)

She’s also cuter, taller, wayyyy skinnier, got better teeth, naturally curly hair…oh, I could go on and on.

There she is, cuddling my oldest sprog.

I’m not too proud to admit that I spent some time being a little jealous of her. And deservedly so…she’s very funny, very smart, and wickedly talented at a number of things I can’t even begin to do without looking like I’m a pre-schooler trying to do calculus. With a blindfold.

There she is on the left at our brother’s wedding last year.

Today is her birthday, though I doubt she’ll look in and see this. I’ve been a shockingly bad seester when it comes to birthdays and occasions. Shockingly bad. Embarrassing. Hideously bad.

But Happiest of Birthdays to my leetle seester.

Love you, gorgeous girl!


2 Responses

  1. Nice post. I can’t believe the progression of hair loss throughout the series.

  2. I never looked at it like that, but… 🙂 Sorry. It was also interesting to see the progression of certain significant others. Just sayin’. Seriously, I have almost zero pics of her so I had to use what was on hand.

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