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Snow and Other Oddities

1) I love snow, and here in the Great Northwet, snow is a media event. We like to joke that with fourteen flakes, our city shuts down. And if the weather-people are so bold as to actually predict snow? Unfortunately, it’s a guarantee of 37 degrees and rain.

(This picture is from last year, and prompted Severe Storm Alert Teams to go into overdrive.) Snow has been predicted for tomorrow and Monday. I’ll be packing my umbrella and NOT holding my breath. More news as events warrant.

2) Birthday pizza and salad is lovely, especially when shared with family.

3) I am now older than a really old thing. But it beats the alternative.

4) I’ll say it again – Tiffany silver bracelets are so incredible. I love them. I love my darling husband. He chose wisely, as did I.

5) Maybe I’m not as old as I think…when I read the headline this morning, “Beavers Rough Up Trojans”…well, I did not take the high road. I snorted my tea. I guess I am officially a middle school boy.

6) Since I don’t like cake (don’t throw things), my family gave me the best birthday dessert ever in the history of the world. And I never-ever-in-a-billion-years exaggerate.

Baskin Robbins Rocky Road ice cream. Oh. My. Bob. Still the undisputed champion of Rocky Road, nay, of ANY ice cream flavor. Anywhere.

I had a good day. And now I’ll wait for the snow.


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