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Yes, apologies need to be made. From me to family. From me to friends. From me to the world.

First, I have to apologize to my immediate family. I’ve been on some kind of freakish tirade for the last three or four days and I’ve no idea why. Blame age. Blame the cancellation of my Zumba classes. Blame too many carbs. Whatever the cause, I am truly sorry. I should never be mean to the people I love most.

A corollary to this is an apology to the friends we visited recently. I got a little, well, stoopid over a game. Something I thought I would never ever ever do. I was cranky at my darling husband (see apology number one) and allowed my inner ‘hag-from-hell’ to escape. Sorry a million times. I’m usually much more fun to be around. I hope.

Finally, a general apology to the world. When the sprogs were smaller and more destructive, I used to joke about us needing an EPA Environmental Impact Statement whenever we traveled outside our own house. I can’t tell you the number of times people have said to me “it’s all right. They’re just boys. I can fix/clean/take care of this.” Can you hear my sigh from there? Can you?

But after an absence of a few years – an absence I relished, by the way – that trusty phrase entered my life again like a freaking sledgehammer to my cranium. Through no real fault of anyone, even… an innocent mistake here, a well-meaning volunteer effort there and POOF! Back to the EPA.

I’m sorry, darling husband and sprogs. You did nothing wrong other than try to help out, and when things went all pear-shaped I got angry at you, for no other reason than my own embarrassment. I’m sorry, darling father, for messing up your Thanksgiving and your kitchen. I’m sorry, darling ES, for being a poop-head on a day when I should be grateful.

My apologies to everyone.


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