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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh, holiday fun – how I’ve missed you! The cleaning, decorating, cooking, shopping…it’s just a wonderland of activity here in the Queen’s realm. All of My Majesty’s house minions are busy scampering to and fro, eager to help out and spread the seasonal cheer. With a quick carol here, and a bit of tinsel there…why, it must be just like the Jolly Old Elf’s workshop at the North Pole!

Hang on. This minion doesn’t seem to be scampering. I don’t see even a hint of scamper. Or cheer. Or carols.

And this minion even looks a little hostile. Huh. I wonder why? Goodness knows we have decorations and plenty of sparkle to inspire them.

Wait a minute…this was the blurry picture inspired by Her Majesty’s late revelries last night. Even the Queen needs to cut a rug and stay out wayyyy past her bedtime on occasion, but it does blur her Royal vision something fierce.

There we are – a couple of Advil and everything’s crystal clear. Now, where were we again? Oh yes, decorations and inspiration. The Queen prides herself on the purity and authenticnicity (take that, vocabulizers!) of her holiday items, the least of which would inspire a rock itself to break out in song and grow candy canes from every appendage. So how can the minions just sit there? Huh? How?

Okay, maybe the wreath is a work in progress. It’s special. Don’t laugh. If we only BELIEVE in the magic, then it will happen, right? Isn’t that right?

Minions, I’ll give you a temporary reprieve on the carols and holiday cheer, but scampering is not optional. Check your contract.


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