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Royal Flotsam…

* The Ducks didn’t win, though they played a great game. I’m glad the stress and tension are over for me. And yes, it is ALL about me.

* At my Zumba class, there’s a particular song/dance that has been impossible for me to ‘get’ correctly. On Wednesday, I made it my bitch.

* Tea is delicious.

* Sleeping in past 5:15 am is the best thing. EVER.

* Happy belated birthday to my lovely, wonderful evil-stepmother.

She’s a wonderful and lovely person, inside and out. Did I mention lovely and wonderful? I did? Oh. Sorry. She also has a wicked sense of humor and a core of solid steel. Don’t be fooled by her beautiful smile – this girl can rumble when the need arises. I loves you, Linder!

* Both boys are still sleeping. It’s now almost 9:00 am on Friday. Oldest has class at 12:45. Youngest has the day off from school. *sigh* They get Monday off, too. *sigh* Do I get Monday off? *sigh*

* Zumba this morning? I’d have to leave in about three minutes. What do you think? On the plus side, this is the older class, and we get to ‘Lean Like a Cholo’. Here’s some homework: Google the song, then imagine about forty white women in their 40s and 50s dancing to it. Discuss. Try not to laugh.

* We didn’t get the epic snowstorm promised this week. It’s now in the 50’s and pissing down rain. Yay?

Okay. Time to make the doughnuts. Have a Fabulous Friday, peeps!


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