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Post Holiday Sharing

We had a lovely holiday here at the Queen’s Castle. All the sprogs were “home” at the same time. I say “home” because one or more of them were usually off gallivanting and causing mayhem, as sprogs have a tendency to do.

The five of us spent Christmas Eve at home. No other family or friends…just us. Darling husband decided he would cook our dinner, making potato-bacon-shallot soup and homemade sheepherder’s bread.

This bread is so delicious – it’s fast, easy and bakes in a dutch oven. And since I don’t make it, it’s extra easy.

See? He did it all his own self. Darling husband is a great cook, he just doesn’t do it very often.

While he kneaded and punched and floured and patted, I turned my focus in another direction. Granted, it wasn’t a total other direction. More like a bend in the road. Because, dearest fambly, I baked.

I baked cookies.

These are my lace cookies, just out of the oven. Once they cooled and got all crispy, I coated the back with a layer of melted chocolate. I made 12 dozen of these bad boys.

And just to mix things up, I made about 4 dozen of these:

I found a bag of dark chocolate-mint Nestle Morsels, so these were Mint-Chocolate Chip Cookies.

And a good time was had by all.



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