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Buy This Book, II (or is it III?)

Yes, I am going to endorse a book. Yes, I know the author personally. But I’m telling you, it’s totally worthy of an endorsement. This is the first published book from one of my fabulous critique partners.

Trail of the Tudor Blue is a terrific, non-stop, romantic-action-suspense adventure. Did I fit enough adjectives in? I read the entire book in one day, reluctant to put it down. The characters are human, flawed and believable. The settings are beautifully drawn – you want to be there with the characters.

Three things about Tudor Blue:

1) There is a scene about half-way through where I actually teared up. Me…jaded old curmudgeonly me. Shocked the carbs right out of me. I don’t get weepy when I read, really I don’t. I’ve skimmed over some of the most heart-wrenching scenes in literature with scarcely a pause. But this scene and this character touched me. Excellent work, Gwen.

2) The cover has absolutely nothing to do with the story. The leading man is not a twenty year old garage mechanic with a penchant for walking around without a shirt. Chalk this one up to what the publisher thought would move product. They thought wrong, but that’s another issue for another time.

3) As of now, Tudor Blue is available only as an e-book. You can download from Amazon, or from the publisher at Wild Rose Press.

Here’s an unbiased review of the book, and a stellar ‘A’ rating, in case you need more persuading:

Dear Author

For those of you with an e-reader that isn’t a Kindle, download the PDF version – that’s what I have on my Nook. Works great. The paging is a tad off, but nothing too off-putting.

Go now. Use the links. Buy this book or… No. There’s no ‘or’. Just buy the dang book. You will not be sorry.


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