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Hello family! I hope you will pardonnez moi for not updating you on my fabulous life, but you know some weeks all you want to do is hide on the couch with a ginormous bag of dark chocolate covered acai-blueberry morsels?

It’s been like that.

Both of my jobs have been in different variations of crisis mode for two weeks, and then I got word this past week that youngest sprog may also be in crisis mode at school. My response? Clearly I rose to the occasion, solving crises left and right, soothing and pacifying employers and family alike with my rapier-like intelligence and uber-calm.


Not so much.

What I did was keep going to work, keep my head down, and try to deal as best I could. Was it good enough? Who knows? When the giant karma-monkeys fling poo at you, you just do what you can.

And eat these by the bucketful.



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